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What is included in the VIP Traveler service?

The VIP Traveler service is designed for your executives and the most frequent travelers. 

The benefits of VIP Traveler service includes –

    • Round-the-clock access to the expert team of travel consultants who build relationships with your VIP travelers and their assistants
    • End-to-end highly personalized service to both travelers and their assistants to manage travel – everything from searching, shortlisting and booking travel, may it be within Routespring platform or outside of it (including Airbnb, and similar sites)
    • Proactively resolve any travel disruptions (such as delays due to weather) by handling communications with airlines, hotels, or other travel vendors without having the VIP Traveler or their assistant wait in queue to resolve
    • Support for any ancillary travel services, such as upgrades, loyalty program management, handling special requests with hotels, restaurant reservations, and much more