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Central payments using airline-issued UATP card

UATP (Universal Air Travel Plan) is a payment network designed for the airline industry. If you have an airline-issued UATP card, you can configure it on the Routespring platform as the centralized payment method. Here’s how you can configure it:

    1. Go to Company Dashboard > Payment Methods > Vendor Specific or click here https://dashboard.routespring.com/admin?type=paymentMethods 
    2. Click on “Add UATP card”
    3. Configure usage settings and add card details
        • Select the department(s) where you want to permit the usage of this card. If you select specific departments, only the users in these departments can use this card.

        • Select the airline that has issued this UATP card (if you have United PassPlus UATP, please read below for further instructions)

United PassPlus UATP

United Airlines has a prepaid program (PassPlus) that offers benefits to businesses. If you are enrolled in this program, you will need to update your Account Code, Tour Code, and UATP card – these details are included in the United PassPlus welcome letter.