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With Routespring, you can create departments to group people based on your management needs. Below are some of the tips that can help you become more creative in people management.

1. Based on organizational structure

You can choose to maintain your company’s organizational structure on the Routespring platform by creating departments that match your internal company structure, such as (by functional role) Sales, Field Operations, Consultants, etc., or (by hierarchy) Executives, Directors, Managers, etc.

2. Based on the accounting structure

Do you have a different budget for different groups of people (e.g. executive travel budget vs sales travel budget)? If you intend to have good visibility on such budget utilization, you can set up departments as per your budget groups. For example, Executive Travel, Sales Travel, etc.

3. Based on the payment structure

Depending on your business operations, you may need to configure separate payment methods for different groups of people (e.g. separate corporate cards for internal employee travel vs external consultants’ travel). In such cases, you can create departments to group people using the same central payment method.

4. Based on the travel policy structure

Do you have a separate travel policy for different groups of people (e.g. executives vs external consultants vs general company policy)? If such grouping is important for you, you can choose to create departments and assign the relevant policy for that group of people.

5. Based on mixed needs

Your business operations may require you to optimize based on two or more structures mentioned above. In such cases, you can become creative and create as many or as less number of departments as you need. You can also explore “project tags” to complement your optimization effort.