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Why consider a deposit? 

If you want to avoid all the logistical challenges and additional burdens of managing payments with corporate cards, you can consider depositing funds with Routespring to pay for business travel expenses. Plus, you will enjoy the following benefits:

    1. No need to use or distribute any corporate cards to travelers
    2. Payments are centrally managed, so you don’t need to add overheads to reimburse these expenses
    3. Moreover, you will unlock unlimited free bookings with Routespring


How to create a deposit?

To create a deposit, reach out to us at trip@routespring.com and request to configure your account for a deposit. Depending on whether you do a wire or an ACH transfer, your account will be ready to book travel using a deposit within 24 hrs or up to 5 business days.

Is there any minimum deposit requirement?

There is no minimum deposit requirement. You can manage the available funds as per your needs. You can check your active balance through your account, as well as we will send you a notification if the balance falls below $2.5K & $1K so that you can choose to replenish the account if you anticipate more travel spending.