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How to integrate Okta for SSO and user access management?

Routespring helps you securely and effortlessly provision access to Routespring through Okta integration, and save time onboarding your users. Below are the steps you need to enable this integration:

Create SAML app integration from your Okta admin dashboard

1. Log into your Okta admin account, go to Applications and click “Create App Integration”.

2. Select SAML 2.0 and proceed

3. Type the App name as Routespring and upload the Routespring logo

Configure SAML

Below are the highlighted fields that need to be configured.

You can find values for all these fields in your Routespring admin dashboard (go to Company Dashboard > Integrations > Okta). Copy the value and paste them in the relevant fields in Okta SAML configuration.

Save Metadata URL in Routespring

Once the SAML application configuration is complete, Okta will generate the Metadata URL. Copy and save that URL in Routespring’s Metadata URL field (go to Company Dashboard > Integrations > Okta).

Activating the Okta integration

After you complete all the above steps, Routespring will validate the integration is established and then activate it for your company. If you continue to see the integration as “pending” for more than 48 hours, please reach out to your assigned Customer Success Manager.

Create Event Hooks to automatically delete terminated users from Routespring (Optional)

You have an option to configure Event Hooks in Okta to automatically remove the terminates users from Routespring. Here’s how to set it up:

1. Log into your Okta admin account, go to Workflow > Event Hooks and click “Create Event Hook”

2. You can add a relevant name for this Event Hook, such as Routespring User Deletion

3. Update the URL, Authentication field, Authentication Secret, and Subscribe To Events with the information provided in your Routespring Okta integration. Then click on “Save & Continue”

4. Click “Verify” to validate the connection is established

5. Once verification is successful, you will never need to manually remove users from Routespring. Whenever you deactivate, delete, unassign, or suspend a user in Okta, that user will automatically get removed from Routespring as well.