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Guide for Admins

Welcome to Routespring!

We are here to help you Go Further by simplifying business travel management.

The resources below will empower you with everything you need to get started with Routespring.

  1. Review your travel policy
  2. Set up centralized payment method
    • Routespring offers multiple options to pay your team’s business travel expenses so that they don’t have to pay anything out-of-pocket.
    • Read about your various options and select your preferred centralized payment method
  3. Announcement to your team
    • Make your team aware of Routespring so that they expect invitations when you add them to the Routespring account.
    • You can use this email template which includes all important information to help them acquainted with Routespring’s products & services.
  4. Onboard your travelers
  5. Configure “TripTags”
    • TripTags allow you to categorize travel spending based on projects, events, or any other reporting needs. Your travelers and admins can use these tags for any travel booking to appropriately report the travel spend.
    • Learn more about TripTags.
  6. Explore our integrations
    • Enhance your experience with Routespring by using our integrations to help you seamlessly connect your favorite tools and automate workflows.