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General FAQs

Can I get miles/points for my trip?

Yes, you will continue to earn miles/points for your travel with Routespring. Your loyalty numbers for airlines, car rental agencies, and hotels can be saved to your profile and they will automatically be added to your reservation.

The exception is if your hotel is prepaid through a 3rd party supplier as your company’s preference. The supplier doesn’t accept the loyalty numbers. However, the hotel might be able to add it when you check in. This is at the hotel’s discretion.

I have an approval request. Why is it not approved yet?

Approval requests are sent to the manager of your company in charge of approving. Please reach out to them regarding your approval request. Once they approve, it will be booked automatically.

My flight / hotel / rental car was just booked / approved, but it still says pending. Why is that?

Occasionally, there is a reason why a booking is not made automatically. We are looking into the issue and will update you shortly either with the itinerary or as to why the booking was not made.

How do I add my itinerary to my calendar?

1. Add from Routespring’s confirmation email

  • In all the Routespring confirmation emails, you will find the links to popular calendars.
  • Click on the calendar name that you use and it will add it to your chosen calendar account.
  • For Outlook, it will download the .ics file which can dragged and dropped into your calendar.

2. Add from your trips

  • You can go to “My Trips” and open the relevant itinerary that you want to add to the calendar. 
  • Once you have the itinerary opened, you will find an option to “add to calendar”. Click on the calendar name that you use and it will add it to your chosen calendar account