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Travel approvals

When is travel approval required?

There are two scenarios where travel approvals are required:

  1. Policy mandates approvals for all travel bookings
    • You could be assigned a travel policy that mandates all travel bookings to go through the approval process. In such a case, all bookings are going for approval from your manager.
  2. Policy mandates approvals only for out-of-policy travel bookings
    • If you are assigned such a policy, you won’t require approval as long as the option you select is within the policy, and it will be booked automatically. However, if you intend to book outside the policy option, it will require approval from your manager.

How to submit travel for approval?

To submit travel for approval, select the travel option that you intend to book and proceed to the checkout screen. If the selected option requires approval, you will see the button saying “Submit for Approval”. After you click on that, you have the option to type in a note for your manager to explain the reason for selecting a given travel option before it is submitted for approval. Then proceed to submit for approval. Your manager will be immediately notified of your approval request via email, Slack, and/or MS Teams.

What to expect after submitting travel for approval?

  1. Travel is approved:
    • If your manager approves the travel, the travel is automatically booked without you having to do anything else. You will immediately receive the travel itinerary with confirmation details.
  2. Travel is disapproved:
    • If your manager chooses to not approve your travel, they will add a note with the reason for disapproval. In such a case, you will be notified with a note from the manager. You can read that note and rebook as per your need.
  3. No action is taken:
    • The manager has 24 hours or 3 hours before the travel start time (whichever is earlier) to approve your travel. The request is automatically expired if no action is taken within such time. If that happens, you will be required to resubmit the travel for approval. To avoid unintentional expiration of approval requests, we notify your manager of pending approval requests (in addition to the initial notification). However, you can feel free to follow up with your manager to approve it sooner.