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Travel profile

Complete your travel profile so that you don’t need to type in your information each time you book your travel with Routespring.

How to access my travel profile?

To access your profile:

    • On the mobile app (iOS/Android): click on the profile icon

    • On the web app: click on your name in the top right corner and go to “Profile”

What information is stored in my profile?

This includes all the personal information that is required for making any travel booking. Some mandatory fields are:

    • Name as on your ID that you’ll be using while checking in at the airport

    • Date of birth

    • Gender

    • Phone number

In addition to that, you can save your home and work addresses so that we know your home locations in case you had to reach out to the support team for any assistance.

The other optional fields include:

    • Known Traveler Number (KTN): If the KTN is saved on your profile, it will be automatically attached to your flight reservations and you’ll get the TSA Precheck.

    • Passport information: If you are frequently making international trips, then you can save your passport information on your profile, which will be attached to all your international flight reservations.

    • Emergency contact: We recommend you save your emergency contact information. This will help us reach out to them in case there is any emergency situation.
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