A complete travel management solution for growing teams

#1 Easiest To Use Business Travel App

You won't need any training for traveling with us. You're all equipped with complete travel management solution as soon as you have an account with us.

Centralized Payments For All Travel

Configure central billing for flights, accommodations & car rentals so that your travelers won't need to pay.

Made For All Travelers

We can cover travel payments for your employees, contract workers, interview candidates, clients as well as guests.

Robust Travel Inventory

We help you travel anywhere and everywhere with our partnerships with global as well as local suppliers.

Consumer Grade Travel App

The most user-friendly travel app to empower your travelers to self-manage their travel as per their preferences & need.

Up To 100% Cost Recovery On Nonrefundable Flight Tickets

Recover the costs on nonrefundable airline tickets by automatically utilizing the unused credits. No need to document, search or even remember!

Features Built For Centralized Travel Management

Granular travel policy controls, automated approvals, real-time visibility in travel spend, centralized payments for all travel

Travel without cards

Configure centralized billing so that travelers don't have to pay out-of-pocket

Granular policy controls

Effective policy levers to control travel costs at granular level

Book hotels until 5:00 am

Not sure when and where your day will end? No problem! You can book a room until 5:00 am

Pay only when you travel

Get access to unlimited bookings and unlimited travel support, and pay only for people who travel.

Automated approvals

Empower your team with automated booking, even when approval is required

24/7 travel support

Team that truly cares for people whose jobs require them to be traveling

Realtime visibility in travel

Instant feed of bookings into your dashboard and reports.

Book travel on-the-go

Book travel using iOS and Android app and talk/text anytime with travel support team.

Real-time Visibility In Travel Spend

Track all your travel expenses in one place and manage your travel program more efficiently.

Interactive Analytics

Explore the granularity of travel trends by departments, projects, travelers, or by any other dimensions important for your business.

Get actionable insights

Create custom reports so that you can slice & dice the data to make business sense and get actionable insights.

In-App Approval Process

Empower Your Team With Automated Booking, Even When Approval Is Required

Traveler Initiates Travel Booking

Travelers searches for the options to book.

Request Approval

If the desired option is outside policy, the traveler can request an approval from the app itself.

Notification To Manager

Manager is immediately notified about the incoming approval request via email, Slack, or Microsoft Teams. 

Confirmed Itinerary

The travel is automatically booked as soon as the manager approves it and the traveler receives the confirmed itinerary via email and text. If the manager disapproves it, the traveler receives the notification attached with the note from manager.

Full-service Business Travel Agency With Exceptional Support

24/7/365 US-based travel support

98.5% of support requests answered in 60 seconds

93.7% of support issues are resolved in 30 minutes

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Frequently Asked Questions

Optimizing payment processes for business travel involves centrally consolidating and streamlining payment procedures associated with corporate travel expenses. This enhanced system helps reduce manual work handled by individual employees, allowing smoother processes while providing complete control to businesses. 

Centralized travel management provides businesses with significant cost savings, streamlined processes, improved visibility, and enhanced control over travel activities. It optimizes your travel operations and contributes to the overall success of your organization. 

Routespring centralizes payment for all business travel expenses, saving time for finance teams and travelers. Choose the best payment method with Routespring’s numerous options (Line of Credit, Deposit, Traditonal corporate cards, Daily auto-debit, “Automagic” payments, Central payments for car rentals.

To access the Payment Methods section for your company on the Routespring dashboard, you’ll be able to view and adjust the default primary and backup payment options. Additionally, the Vendor Specific tab allows for adding a UATP card if needed.

Feel free to drop us an email at trip@routespring.com and we’ll get you sorted with what you need!