Routespring Utilizes NDC For Improved Flight Shopping Experience

Routespring is thrilled to announce that our airline partnership with United and American Airlines will now begin to use New Distribution Capability (NDC) for a more comprehensive flight shopping experience. This enhancement will make Routespring’s platform even more attuned to the needs of travelers.

Normally, when you search for flights online, you see different prices and options from different airlines. NDC makes this process better because it lets airlines offer more choices and special services when you book your ticket. For example, they can allow you to choose your seat, add extra bags, or even offer upgrades.

Not only that, but NDC also helps travel agencies and online booking tools (OBT) like Routespring show you all the available flights and prices directly from the airline. This means getting the most up-to-date information and choosing the best option for your trip.

When booking flights with Routespring, customers can now easily access NDC content to take advantage of more options, better prices, and personalized services.

They can save time and money by taking advantage of the full range of offers available through NDC. This includes exclusive discounts, upgrades, or other special deals that may not be available elsewhere. You will also have access to a larger inventory, giving you even more options for your business trip.

In addition, NDC provides a secure experience with all data being encrypted and stored in a safe environment. This ensures that all of our customers’ information is protected and kept confidential while they enjoy the convenience of booking their flights through Routespring

Customers can now have peace of mind knowing that Routespring’s booking rates align with those published on United and American Airlines websites. This eliminates any discrepancies, offering significant advantages to both Routespring and its valued customers.

With these cutting-edge distribution capabilities firmly in place, Routespring can provide an even more streamlined, efficient, and accurate booking experience. From the initial search to the final confirmation, every process step is optimized for maximum convenience and satisfaction.

Routespring is dedicated to offering customers the most transparent rates by collaborating with airlines to enhance the flight booking process, offering a personalized and transparent experience to travelers.

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