Make 2023 Business Trips Easier with These 5 Must-Have Travel Management Apps

As a travel manager, keeping track of your team’s travel schedules, expenses, and arrangements can be challenging. 

Why it matters: Managing multiple business trips can be overwhelming when you are solely responsible for becoming the point of contact for traveling employees with questions or concerns. It can be hard to feel at ease when dealing with this level of responsibility.

 Fortunately, technology can make your job so much easier. With the help of a business travel management app, you can create a seamless travel experience for your team while streamlining your processes.

We’ve compiled a list of the five best business travel management apps you’ll want to consider in 2023.

Business Travel Management App - Routespring

Routespring has been called by its users “The most user-convenient travel app I’ve used in my entire professional career

  • Routespring simplifies travel booking by tailoring searches to personal preferences. Selecting a destination is a breeze with just a few taps in the user-friendly interface. It quickly adapts to user behavior, ensuring an effortless experience every time. And yes, it does all this without cost.

The big picture: The Routespring business travel app is super handy as it lets you manage everything on the go without any pesky glitches. Who needs a desktop setup when travel can be easily overlooked on your phone? From flights to accommodations, all the details are automatically sorted by Routespring, leaving you time for more important things.

Business Travel Management App - Airbnb for Work

Airbnb for Work is an ideal app for businesses accommodating traveling teams.

  • In addition to offering more affordable options over traditional hotels. It offers a warm and refreshing solution to those tedious and never-ending business trips by providing unique stays while encouraging team bonding. 

The big picture: With access to millions of experiences worldwide, the business travel app can be readily available on any work trip. Avoid the same old boring work trip itinerary.

Business Travel Management App - Hopper

Hopper might be the business travel app for you if you’re looking for good deals for airfare.

  • With Hopper, you can compare prices of airfare and hotels, set up trip alerts, and receive notifications for discounts that will save you and your team money. 

The big picture: Hopper also has a refund and cancellation fee analysis feature to help you save more in the long run. With Hopper, you can plan the perfect work trip for your team that won’t break the bank.

TripCase is the business travel app for the modern globetrotter.

  • From flight bookings and hotel reservations to car rentals, it’s got everything covered. Easily add your travel information, such as flight schedules and itineraries. 

The big picture: One of the most significant advantages of using TripCase is its robust system for managing expenses. It’s never been easier to track all your costs in one place and stay on top of your budget while traveling.

Business Travel Management App - Tripcase
Business Travel Management App - Expensify

Expensify is a game-changing app for corporate travel management.

  • Not only can it scan and store receipts, but it also streamlines the typically tedious expense report creation process in the most impressive manner possible. 

The big picture: Automated reporting and electronic reimbursement options facilitate seamless flow of expense tracking and submission. This not only saves users countless hours of manual work but also reduces the potential for delayed reimbursement and human error. 

Final thoughts

Level up your travel game with these exceptional travel management apps in 2023. They’ll save your team money, keep everyone organized, and help maintain communication on business trips. Finally, managing travel doesn’t have to be a daunting task anymore. These apps will enhance your travel experience, so try them today!

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