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Get up to 100% cost recovery on nonrefundable flight tickets, get discounted rates with UATP, and do it all without ever leaving our platform.

Switch to Budget-Friendly Employee Flights

UATP can help companies save significant costs on flight booking. By providing exclusive discounts on flights, companies can reduce expenses off airfare when traveling with participating airlines.

What's a UATP account?

UATP is a payment network exclusively for the airline sector. It's a prime solution for airline payment needs with streamlined processing, convenience, and adaptability for travel agencies, corporations, and consumers.

Who accepts UATP?

344, travel companies, and agencies worldwide accept UATP.Travel managers can have airfare credits refunded to their UATP account if they already have an agreement with associated airlines. Plus, partnerships with Visa & Mastercard offer more flexibility for a company's credit providers.

How to get your UATP card

To acquire the card, travel managers need to first create an account and agree to terms with the respective airlines.

Ease Your UATP Navigation with Routespring

We provide comprehensive support throughout the UATP application process. Our dedicated team will assist you with financial information, document submission, and much more, guiding you at every step towards achieving UATP status.

Frequently Asked Questions

UATP (Universal Air Travel Plan) is a global payment solution owned and operated by the world’s airlines. It is designed to streamline the billing process and provide comprehensive data that allows companies to effectively manage their travel expenses.

  • UATP provides several benefits for Travel Managers:

    • Cost savings: UATP can significantly reduce transaction costs compared to traditional credit cards.
    • Data management: UATP provides comprehensive data on travel spend, helping in budgeting and policy compliance.
    • Streamlined process: UATP consolidates all airline billing into one invoice simplifying reconciliation.

UATP helps reduce transaction costs by lowering merchant fees compared to other payment methods. 

Absolutely! You have the capability to configure your UATP as the centralized payment method on the Routespring platform.

Absolutely! Read our customer success story: how we empowered our customer to recover $22,000 from nonrefundable airfares. Moreover, we seamlessly arranged travel for over 200 attendees without burdening them with out-of-pocket expenses.

You can apply for a UATP account through any airline that issues UATP. Once approved, you can start using your UATP account to pay for travel on any of the UATP network airlines.

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