Company retreats are about more than just a change of scenery. They offer a chance to recharge, strategize, and strengthen your team in a fresh environment. With travel preferences shifting and new destinations emerging, 2024 promises exciting options for your company getaway. Let’s dive into some top US destinations that offer the perfect blend of relaxation, inspiration, and unforgettable experiences.

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Trending Company Retreat Destinations

  • The Call of the Mountains: Mountain destinations like Asheville, North Carolina or Park City, Utah offer stunning landscapes, outdoor adventures like hiking and biking, and cozy lodges for gathering. The crisp air and natural beauty provide an ideal setting for both focused sessions and team bonding.
  • Coastal Charm: Retreat to the coast! Seaside towns in Florida, California, or the Oregon Coast provide opportunities for relaxing beach time, water sports, and a refreshingly laid-back atmosphere. Think bonfires on the beach and sunset boat tours.
  • Desert Oasis: Places like Scottsdale, Arizona or Palm Springs, California are known for their spas, golf courses, and luxurious resorts. If your goal is to combine work with pampering and relaxation, the desert might be your ideal escape.
  • Unexpected Urban Retreats: Consider cities like Austin, Texas, Nashville, Tennessee, or Portland, Maine. These smaller yet vibrant cities offer unique cultural attractions, a buzzing food scene, and diverse neighborhoods to explore, adding an element of exploration to your retreat.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Destination

  • Team Interests: What does your team enjoy? Outdoorsy types might love a mountain escape, while foodies might thrive in a culinary hotspot.
  • Budget: Destination plays a big role in cost. Coastal resorts tend to be pricier than smaller mountain towns, for example.
  • Accessibility: Consider travel time and logistics when choosing your location. Are there direct flights readily available for your group?
  • Activities: Does the destination offer activities that align with your retreat goals? Do you want team challenges, wellness options, or a mix?
  • Venue Options: Make sure your destination has suitable venues for your group size, whether it’s a rustic lodge, boutique hotel, or conference space.

Destination Spotlight: 3 Places to Watch in 2024

  1. Charleston, South Carolina: With historic charm, beautiful beaches, and a thriving culinary scene, Charleston is a versatile retreat choice. Activities can range from historic walking tours to sailing adventures.
  2. Lake Tahoe, California/Nevada: Straddling the border, Lake Tahoe offers breathtaking mountain scenery year-round. Retreats here can combine strategy sessions with outdoor team-building, from hiking to skiing, depending on the season.
  3. The Great Lakes Region: Often overlooked, destinations like Traverse City, Michigan or Duluth, Minnesota offer a relaxing lakefront setting, unique local experiences, and ample outdoor activities in a more budget-friendly package.

Maximizing Your Retreat Experience

Destination is key, but what you do there matters just as much. Here’s how to make the most of your 2024 retreat:

  • Mix Work and Play: Balance strategic sessions with fun activities that encourage bonding and release stress.
  • Get Local: Don’t stick to the generic hotel experience. Infuse local flavors into your retreat with unique restaurants and cultural activities.
  • Leave Room for Downtime: Even the most exciting retreat needs time for informal connection and relaxation.

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