Embrace Flexibility with Our '90 for 9' Cancellation Policy

Providing financial security in the face of altered travel arrangements

Providing financial security in the face of altered travel arrangements.

Get Financial Security and Peace of Mind

Routespring's '90 for 9' is a unique feature that provides flexible cancellations. Travelers can modify bookings and receive a 90% return with a minimal 9% fee.

Prepared for the unexpected

This add-on serves as a protective measure to safeguard against unforeseen travel cancellations.

Minimal cost

The '90 for 9' add-on comes at a minimal cost of 9%.

Ease of Use

Simple and convenient, ensuring a hassle-free experience for travelers.

How It Works

When the '90 for 9' add-on is included in a booking, customers can receive a refund of 90% of their booking amount if they need to cancel. This ensures the traveler doesn't bear the financial burden of unexpected changes or cancellations.

Cancellation provision

Travelers can cancel their booking for any reason, giving them the freedom to modify their plans as needed.

Flexible policy

Get 90% of the booking amount back upon cancellation.

Customer-friendly process

Routespring support is here to guide you through booking, explain features, assist with cancellations, and answer questions.

Travel Stress-Free with Routespring

No more worrying about unpredictable schedules with Routespring. Rest easy knowing unexpected changes or cancellations won't take a toll on your company's budget.

Benefits of '90 for 9'

The '90 for 9' add-on feature is a strategic balance of cost and benefit for the everyday traveler.


Travel plans can unexpectedly change due to schedule changes, emergencies, or a sudden change of mind. The '90 for 9' feature allows travelers to change their plans without significant financial loss.

Financial Security

By offering a 90% return on cancellations, it significantly reduces the financial risk associated with non-refundable bookings.


Compared to non-refundable bookings where the traveler risks losing the entire booking amount, the '90 for 9' feature provides an economical alternative.


Business travel requires flexible schedules that can change due to client availability, project timelines, or corporate decisions. Companies can adapt without major financial loss by canceling and receiving a 90% return on bookings.

Frequently Asked Questions

The ’90 for 9′ is a unique feature offered by Routespring that allows travelers to cancel their bookings and receive 90% of their money back, at a minimal cost of 9%.

  • When making your booking, you will have the option to add the ’90 for 9′ feature. Simply select it and proceed with your booking.

Unfortunately, the ’90 for 9′ feature can only be added at the time of booking.

If you need to cancel your booking, contact our customer service team who will process your cancellation and refund 90% of your booking cost.

The money is immediately added back to the company account as credit and it is available to be redeemed for any future trip. 

The ’90 for 9′ feature is available for most bookings, but there may be some exceptions. Please refer to our terms and conditions or contact our customer service team for specific details.

The ’90 for 9′ feature is great because it gives you flexibility and financial security in case of unexpected changes or cancellations. It’s super beneficial for business travelers who always have to deal with those unpredictable schedules.

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