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"Centralized payment helped us save a lot of valuable time from processing reimbursement & managing travels."
-Matt F.
(Chief Financial Officer, Rosie Applications)
Centralized Payment For All Travel
  • Configure central card to pay for all travel.
  • Eliminate reimbursement processes.
  • Avoid in-house travel desk to process payments.
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Average travel credit utilization
Automatic Utilization of Credits
  • Available credit is automatically applied.
  • No need to remember or document.
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"Easy to use and manage. Simple price control and approval system. Consistent communication."
-Samuel G.(Sr. Manager, Retail Operation)
In-app Approval Process
  • Configure central card to pay for all travel.
  • Eliminate reimbursement processes.
  • Avoid in-house travel desk to process payments.
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Average compliance rate of Routespring travelers
Granular Travel Policy Controls
  • Easy to configure.
  • Easy to comply.
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  • Centralized payments for travel
  • Automatic utilization of travel credits
  • Slack integration: process approvals straight from your Slack account
  • Expense integrations: automatically submit receipts to Expensify & Zoho Expense
  • Use corporate negotiated rates
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Travel Management Solution | Routespring

Travel Management Software for Field Sales & Merchandising Teams

Automate travel booking expense creation with Routespring and Zoho Expense integration

Routespring is better than Tripactions and for medium size field force teams

firction less onboarding, centralized billing, super simple user experience

Product built for your road-warriors and finance team

Real-time visibility, and control that your team will love

Policies that are easy to configure and easy to comply

Empower your team with automated booking, even when approval is required

Real-time visibility Interactive analytics to explore granularity of travel trends. Get actionable insights. Manage your travel program more effectively

Booking engine that honors personal preferences, company policy and business priorities

Integrate with your favourite expense management tool

Your travellers can automatically create expense items when booking through Routespring. No need to manage receipts separately!

Customer support

24/7/365 US-based travel support. 98.5% of support requests answered in 60 seconds. 93.7% of support issues are resolved in 30 minutes

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Get access to the best rates on internet and unlimited travel bookings

Up to 5 active users/month Email support only Basic reports Use corporate negotiated rates for car rentals Support for changes or cancellations

Weekly changes in assignment: The territorial assignment for the field sales and merchandising reps changes on a weekly basis, limiting the potential for advance planning. Uncertain when and where the business day will conclude: Field teams are in a situation where they are unsure when and where the business day will end. As a result, when the day comes to a finish, last-minute hotel bookings become necessary. Always on the go: Field crews are constantly on the move and may experience difficulties accessing the connected desktop. Hence, they need an efficient solution while maintaining their mobility. Processing reimbursements take time: Field reps prefer not to pay out of pocket because reimbursements can take a long time to process. Travel costs have a direct impact on product costs: That’s why managers of field teams need granular yet effective policy restrictions.

Expertise in handling last-minute bookings

: In the previous 12 months, 91% of Routespring hotel reservations were booked for the same-day stay. Routespring makes this possible by allowing travelers to book hotels until 5 am next morning with provision of extensive prepaid and postpay inventory. Furthermore, Routespring’s support team is equipped to handle any last-minute needs — 98% of the support requests are answered within 60 seconds.

Ensures mobility of travelers

: Routespring has developed iOS and Android apps to enable field teams to book travel when there is no access to the connected desktop. The travel support team is available at all times via call, text or email for any help.

Centralized payments to eliminate reimbursements

: Routespring gives field teams an option of paying with a central corporate card(s). As a result, the field reps won’t have to pay out of pocket and thus, eliminate the need to process reimbursements.

Multiple levers to optimize travel spend

: The cost of travel directly impacts the cost of goods sold, necessitating the implementation of efficient policy controls to optimize travel spend. To address this, Routespring has developed the ability to configure policies at the granular level without compromising employee experience.

Better than the best travel support

: Routespring’s in-house travel support team is accessible through multiple channels at all times just to make sure that road-warriors achieve their business goals successfully and reach home safely.

Effortlessly enable Routespring & Expensify automation

The business travel company for CFOs that have had enough of using personal credit cards or per booking fee or long term contracts


: Routespring honors your preferences like none other. Once you save your preferences, Routespring’s propriety algorithm will magically prioritize your preferences (see one example below).

Loyalty numbers

: Never miss out on possible loyalty rewards by having all your loyalty membership details saved in your profile. When eligible, Routespring will automatically pass your loyalty membership.

Basic Profile

: Keep your basic travel profile up-to-date (personal information, KTN, emergency contact, and passport). Simplify Business Travel