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We get that executive travel can be complicated

Managing cancellations, oversold hotels, & tricky car bookings is tough. It takes a team of travel professionals to orchestrate a flawless trip. That's where our VIP Traveler Service comes in. From planning to unforeseen challenges, we're with you every step of the way!

24/7 travel support for VIPs and assistants

Connect with our travel experts anytime - they are ready to help you navigate through tricky situations and ensure smooth travels.

Fully personalized travel management

Every trip is different. We personalize our services to make sure each and every business traveler gets exactly what they need.

No more travel disruptions!

We know travel can be unpredictable. If you encounter any delays during your trip, we'll make sure to get you back on track.

Assistance on upgrades, loyalty programs, and more.

We'll handle special requests for you—hotels, restaurants, you name it.

Travel like a VIP with Routespring!

Get round-the-clock access to our experienced travel consultants with Routespring's VIP Traveler Service. We'll help you search, book, and overcome any disruptions seamlessly.

Upgrade Your Business Travel with VIP Traveler Service

We've got you covered for every step of your corporate trip so that you can travel in ultimate comfort that suits your needs.


Flying shouldn't have to be settling for the first available seat. Let us take care of your cabin class and airline preferences, and experience the convenience of carefree travel!


You deserve a set of wheels that can be relied on and won't keep you waiting. Trust us to get you to your meetings on time, every time.


Quality sleep is essential, particularly for business travelers. Don't let jet lag impact you. Allow us to help you find the accommodations you need to rest well.


Get support for any ancillary travel services, such as upgrades, loyalty program management, handling special requests with hotels, restaurant reservations, and much more

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about the service? We've got you covered so you can start traveling in style!

The VIP Traveler Service is an exclusive add-on to any Routespring plan, designed for frequent travelers. Our unparalleled service prioritizes your comfort and rejuvenation, empowering you to perform your absolute best on behalf of your company. 

  • 24/7 access to a team of travel consultants who build relationships with your VIP travelers and their assistants.
  • End-to-end personalized service for travelers and their assistants to manage all travel needs. From searching and booking within Routespring platform to external options like Airbnb, we’ve got you covered!
  • Resolve travel disruptions proactively (e.g., weather-related delays) by handling communications with airlines, hotels, and other vendors, without waiting in line.
  • Ancillary travel service support: upgrades, loyalty program management, special hotel requests, restaurant reservations, and more.

We’re thrilled that you’re considering our VIP Traveler Service! The next step would be to get in touch with us so we can update your account pronto. You can schedule a meeting or contact us at trip@routespring.com

As the designated travel arranger for your VIP Traveler, you can research, book trips, and make changes to your traveler’s itineraries, even if you didn’t make the original booking.

For $99 per traveler per month, you can enjoy these VIP perks! 

We prioritize your VIP experience, so our travel counselors can assist with all Routespring itineraries—booked online or through a counselor—for maximum convenience.

We completed an on-boarding process to identify VIP Traveler Service enrollees and their assistants. If unsure, please consult your company travel manager. Once confirmed as a VIP Traveler or assistant, let’s schedule a Welcome Call.

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