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Why is Routespring better than Navan (formerly TripActions)?

Routespring and Navan (formerly TripActions) are both popular travel management solutions. However, Navan is complex to set up/ implement, is very high-priced, and offers only limited ways to pay for business travel expenses. On the other hand, Routespring is the #1 easiest-to-use travel management software and offers multiple ways to pay for business travel expenses. Importantly, Routespring is the only business travel solution that can help you eliminate the need of managing corporate cards and expense reimbursements. 

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Why compare Routespring vs Navan (formerly TripActions)?

There are many softwares that claim to provide travel management solutions, while their sole focus is expense or spend management. If you are looking for a solution that is more focused on travel management than expense/spend management, the comparison of Routespring and Navan (formerly TripActions) will help you make the right choice.


Routespring is a modern travel and payment management solution designed to eliminate the need to manage cards to pay for business travel expenses. 

Key features:

Navan (formerly TripActions)

Navan is a travel and corporate card management solution that helps companies control their travel & business spending by ensuring adherence to their policies. 

Key features:

Routespring offers multiple ways to centralize the payments for all business travel expenses

Routespring understands the need for centralizing the payments for all business travel expenses so that neither the finance team nor the travelers have to spend time managing the reimbursements. That’s why Routespring offers multiple options to help you choose the right payment method for your business. 

Navan (formerly TripActions), on the other hand, only allows you to use your existing corporate/ personal cards, to your employees. 

Routespring will help you save up to 60% admin resources by eliminating reimbursement process

Routespring’s seamless business travel management software enables you to centrally manage payments for all the business travel expenses — without having your employees pay out-of-pocket. This helps in avoiding huge overheads involved in processing reimbursements and/or in having a dedicated person to manage travel bookings and payments.

Additionally, your Routespring account is preconfigured with a standard travel policy to help you achieve faster implementation. Just add your travelers, and give them the freedom to book their favorite travel options. The product is so intuitive that you don’t need a demo or schedule training for your team.

Whereas, Navan (formerly TripActions) is fairly complex software requiring you to schedule multiple demos and create an elaborate implementation plan to roll it out across your teams. You can avoid all that by choosing Routespring.

Routespring can help you recover costs on cancellation of nonrefundable fares

Trips get canceled for many reasons. In most cases, airlines offer the value of tickets as credit that can be used for any future travel. But utilizing unused airline credits has challenges. To avoid all this hassle and loss of funds, Routespring has designed corporate travel management software to enable the automated utilization of unused airline credits. There is no need to document, search or even remember! Any unused travel credit is just automatically applied and utilized for your next flight. This allows you to recover 100% of the cost in nonrefundable airfares. 

Moreover, if you need complete flexibility in trip cancellations (including nonrefundable hotel room rates), Routespring offers an option of FluidRefund, which guarantees a refund of 80% of the trip cost – no questions asked. 

Routespring is made for every type of traveler

With Routespring, it doesn’t matter who your travelers are. They could be your full-time employees, external consultants, contract workers, guests, clients, interview candidates, or anyone who travels to get your job done. The platform is designed to make it easier to onboard all types of travelers without having them go through any kind of training or demo. However, if you need any help, Routespring’s expert staff is always there to support you. 

Importantly, the Routespring platform allows you to centralize the payments and avoid processing reimbursements for different use cases for different travelers, such as sponsoring travel for conference attendees, paying for extended stays for contract workers on on-site projects, sponsoring travel for the company’s offsite events, and so on. 

Routespring is more versatile than Navan (formerly TripActions) to support your business travel needs. 

Routespring understands your needs could be different

Routespring understands that every business is unique. There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all. So Routespring’s account managers always work closely with each of its customers to make sure they create a net positive impact on customers’ business by helping them customize not just the product, but also the service. In order to achieve that, Routespring is always open to undertaking advanced integrations with your internal systems and building custom features that solve your unique problems. If you have special requirements, Routespring is here to accommodate that. 

With Navan (formerly TripActions), you won’t experience such a level of personalization. At best you can utilize their community to find other people who may have similar needs to yours and have figured out a way to use Navan (formerly TripActions) to meet those needs. So it eventually ends up being force-fitting a solution to your needs and not the other way around. So if you choose Routespring over Navan, you won’t suffer such consequences. 

Routespring provides better than the best support to its customers

Routespring has heavily invested in building an ecosystem to serve you better than the best. Our proprietary technology and experienced support staff can service clients of any size from anywhere in the world. Routespring is available to support you 24/7 anywhere and everywhere. It ensures that your travelers have access to personalized assistance at every stage of their journey, whether they are at home, on a flight, or getting their job done – from planning a business trip to making last-minute changes. 

Routespring consistently ranks better than Navan (formerly TripActions) on every customer satisfaction rating. Nothing makes us prouder than our happy customers

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