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Why do you need travel management software?

Business travel is known to reduce employee productivity because it is not just about booking travel, but also the distractions caused by it, such as – processing approvals, managing payments, submitting expense reports, processing reimbursements, handling changes/cancellations in event of disruptions, and so on. So no matter what your company size is, if your employees have to travel for work, then you need a solution to manage your travel and maintain the high productivity of your employees. 

Travel management software will allow your employees to plan, manage, and track their journeys without the assistance of any specialized agents. Additionally, your teams get access to spend reports and data to make better business decisions. 


Why do you need an alternative to Direct Travel (rating: 0.66/5)? 

Direct Travel is one of the popular travel management solutions, however, it might not be suitable for all businesses. More specifically, considering alternative to is necessary if you:

  • need a wide choice of features and options to choose from
  • need to get started without requiring a sales or product demo
  • need a modern solution with ability to start for free with no minimums or contractual committments

Luckily, the market has plenty of alternatives to offer: 

  • Routespring (rating: 4.72/5)
  • Navan (formerly TripActions) (rating: 4.45/5)
  • TravelPerk (rating: 4.53/5)
  • TravelBank (rating: 4.16/5)
  • SAP Concur (rating: 4.1/5)
  • Egencia (rating: 4.02/5)
  • SalesTrip (rating: 3.74/5)
  • Deem (also, Etta) (rating: 3.69/5)
  • Itilite (rating: 3.21/5)
  • Booking.com for business (rating: 1.82/5)


#1 Routespring

Routespring is one of the highest-rated travel & payment management softwares, ranked as the #1 easiest to use software on G2. So if you are considering simplifying and automating your admin processes, Routespring is the best option for you. 

Here are some of its best features: 

  1. Centralize the payments for all travel: This is its core functionality with which you can potentially eliminate the reimbursement process and prevent loss in productivity in managing payments & receipts. 
  2. Automate airline credit utilization: You no longer need to document, search or remember any available airline credit. Routespring will automatically apply any available credit towards the next flight. 
  3. In-app approval process: You can save yourself from threads of communication and wait times to process approvals. If any travel is approved, it is just automatically booked without any further due action. 
  4. Travel concierge: Get access to the travel experts to plan, coordinate and execute any group events, conferences and meetings. 
  5. Modernize payments with FluidPay: Give your employees a simple way to pay for what’s needed while empowering your finance teams with visibility and control on business spend in one place.

The best part is that Routespring is absolutely free to get started (including one-ring 24/7 customer support).