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Line of credit

Why consider a line of credit? 

If managing business cash flow is a priority for you, moving your business travel expenses on a line of credit with could help you ease your cash flow management. You can avoid all the logistical challenges and additional burdens of managing payments with corporate credit cards. You will enjoy the following benefits with a line of credit:

    1. No need to use or distribute any corporate cards to travelers
    2. Payments are centrally managed, so you don’t need to add overheads to reimburse these expenses

How to apply?

To apply for the line of credit, we would need some financial information from you. Our finance team will evaluate and propose credit & payment terms based on the financial history. If you are ready to apply, you can share the below documents to trip@routespring.com. You will hear back from us within 7-9 business days.

    • Current and previous year company P&L and Balance Sheet (broken out at least quarterly)

    • Latest 6 months of bank statements

    • Last 12 months’ travel spending reports (if available)

    • Projected travel spend for the next 6 months (broken out by monthly, flights, hotels, and car rentals)


How much is the credit amount?

You could qualify anywhere from $5,000 to $1M in Routespring’s credit depending on your company’s financial history. 

What are the payment terms? 

Our finance team will evaluate the credit risk and propose a couple of options for invoicing & payment terms. The most common terms are monthly invoicing with net 30 payment terms. However, if you are interested, you could also qualify for up to net 90 terms. 

What is the cost of using a line of credit?

For the net 30 payment terms, the cost is $20 per booking. If you are interested in longer payment terms, you can reach out to us at trip@routespring.com and we will create a custom pricing plan that fits your needs.