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“Automagic” payments

What are “Automagic” payments?

“Automagic” payments are a zero liability spend control to centrally pay for business travel expenses beyond just flight, hotels, and car rentals. With “automagic” payments, Routespring helps you centrally pay for smaller expenses like gas, meals, and Uber/Lyft rides without you having to manage payment cards.

Why consider “Automagic” payments?

If you want to avoid all the logistical challenges and additional burdens of managing payments with corporate cards or processing reimbursements for even smaller expenses related to a business trip, you can consider “automagic” payments.

By configuring “automagic” payments, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Zero liability spend control with smart & proactive expense approvals
  2. Manage payments with policy, without having to manage cards
  3. Payments are centrally managed, so you don’t need to add overheads to reimburse these expenses

How do “Automagic” payments work?

If you enable “automagic” payments for your company/department(s), each traveler will be issued with an “inactive” Routespring card. This card is activated only if there’s an active policy or approval attached to it. For example, you can configure a policy such as – allowing spending on gas only if the traveler has an active car rental reservation. If there’s no active car rental reservation with Routespring, the card will not approve any transactions on gas. Similarly, you can have a policy setting for meals allowing travelers to pay for meals (say up to $75/day) only if they have an active hotel reservation with Routespring. In short, you will be empowered with smart and proactive controls by managing just policy without needing any overheads to manage any cards. This solution is designed to work for all kinds of travelers, whether they are your full-time employees, contract workers, external consultants, interview candidates, guests, or anyone who travels to get your job done.

How to enable “Automagic” payments?

Reach out to us at trip@routespring.com and request configuring your account for “automagic” payments. We will work with you to customize your account as per your needs and get “automagic” payments ready for you within 7-9 business days.

Note: We’re working on enabling self-serve payment management to help you set up “automagic” payments without reaching out to us. We expect it to go live by Aug 31, 2023.