CFOs love Routespring for eliminating their top 3 pain points

The technology enables CFOs to have an up-to-date view of business travel status in real time, giving them the visibility they need to accurately plan their company’s travel budget. But still there are problems they face while managing their company’s business travel. Top 3 problems are as follows:

1. Managing payments for travel

Employees prefer not to put huge travel expenses on their personal credit cards, which is why it is a good idea to use a business travel management software that expense-tracks and auto-receives receipts. Reimbursing business travel expenses takes time, effort and is costly. Also, having one person dedicated to managing travel bookings & payments is expensive.

2. Implementing new software solution requires planning

Business travel industry is flooded with many travel management solutions. But, unlike Routespring, most of these solutions are over-engineered and make it complicated to roll it out across the organization.

3. Business travel is a cost center

No matter what the expected business rewards are, business travel is still a cost center to the company. And with pandemic, companies want to limit their travel for health & safety concerns. Considering these, CFOs prefer to cut down any fixed costs associated with travel management. It makes most sense for them to pay based on the usage instead of fixed rate contracts.

Luckily for CFOs, an innovative travel management company like Routespring exists to eliminate their pains. It is absolutely easy to get started with Routespring. You can sign up for free in a few seconds and start using the product right away. The product is so intuitive that you don’t need a demo or schedule training for your team.

Routespring’s seamless business travel management software enables CFOs to manage all their business travel payments centrally — without having their employees to pay out-of-pocket. This helps CFOs to avoid huge overheads involved in processing reimbursements and/or in having a dedicated person to manage travel bookings and payments.

Additionally, due to uncertainties caused by pandemic, it does not make sense to CFOs to have any high fixed expenses only to intermittently use their travel management platform. With Routespring, they pay only for the people who travel when they travel — no fixed costs whatsoever.

That’s why CFOs love Routespring!