“Automagic” Payments

Zero liability spend control to centrally pay for all business travel expenses

What is “Automagic” Payment?

“Automagic” payment helps you avoid all the logistical challenges and additional burdens of managing payments with corporate cards or processing reimbursements for even smaller expenses related to a business trip, you can consider “automagic” payments.

It is a zero liability spend control to centrally pay for all business travel expenses, including smaller expenses like gas, meals, and Uber/Lyft rides without you having to manage payment cards.

Designed To “Automagically” Pay For All Business Travel Expenses

Empower your travelers with the next generation of payment management solution without compromising the financial control and visibility.

Why consider “Automagic” payments?

We understand that it is not an easy job to manage reimbursements. At the same time, the traditional payment methods do not allow centralizing the payments of on-the-go expenses such as meals, gas, Uber/Lyft, etc. That’s why Routespring has built “automagic” payment solution to help you enjoy the following benefits:

Payments are centrally managed, so you don’t need to add overheads to reimburse these expenses

Smart & proactive expense approvals = Zero liability (e.g. if traveler has active hotel booking, only then allow expense on meals)

No need to manage cards, just manage the spend policy (e.g. per diem)

Empower travelers without compromising financial controls

Overall, the company will achieve increased productivity with minimal management needs

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